The area of Klokočov belongs to the CHKO Kysuce (Protected Environmental Area). The area lies on the meeting point of the mountain ranges Javorníky and Moravsko-Sliezske Beskydy. The project of the area was approved on 23rd May 1983. The area consists of two areas: the west part and the east part. The area is characterised by changing of valleys and mountain ranges and most of them is covered by forests and the agricultural area varies from the agricultural land to the agricultural land with dispersed settlement.

The structure of environment reminds a mosaic with dispersed settlement, forests, pastures and meadows. Most of the agricultural land was changed to meadows with bushes. Some of the areas have not been changed and they belong to the most precious parts of the area. They were announced as small protected areas, which were given special protection, e.g. Klokočovské skálie (Klokočov´s Rocks), Veľký Polom.
The area consists of sandstone and clay. Klokočovské skálie is mostly sandstone rock 300 metres long and 15 – 25 metres high. It is situated in Hlavice settlement (between settlements Ostružie and Zajacovci) and it is morphologically unique. The total area is 15,12 acres.

During the geological research, there was a mineral spring found in Klokočov on the left riverside of Predmieranka. The spring included sulphuric hydrogen, but it disappeared. Also an oil well was found in Klokočov, but the efficiency was very low.

The most outstanding objects to be found in Klokočov are round rocks. The rocks, stony apples as they are called by local inhabitants, were brought to village from the stone pit in Kornica. The rocks appeared during the blasting of a stonewall. Two rocks, perimeter 2,2966 ft, stayed in the centre of Klokočov near the crossroad to Bílá. Other rocks were brought by inhabitants to their gardens.